We do a thorough inspection of and spots of the bed bugs then after we inject the affected areas with our advanced chemicals, so we can provide complete solutions. The spray used in this treatment has a mild odor

After the first treatment we have to repeat the procedure again in 15days to get rid of newly hatched bed bugs as their eggs cannot be destroyed at all


- It is highly effective and completely controls of Bed bugs
- We ensure no bed bugs are found in the infected places post treatment
- Hassle-free and a 100% safe
- Free treatment of infested areas during the warranty


- 90 days

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Pest Technical, Training and Quality Assurance

An individual who will influence to tailor your site specific GLOBAL pest- Way Pest Management Program and work closely with service group to ensure work is carried out as per the contract specifications and to your satisfaction

Under his guidance and field supervision each site program will be tailored to its specific pest control needs, control measures and future preventive pest management inspection & services

All Service personnel will undergo an intense in house class room and field training to understand the scope of service. For the first 7 days of initial set up at each facility - our Technical Officer will field inspect, design and work closely with our service group for effective and efficient execution of the services

We are continuously exploring, testing, and integrating new pest management technologies into our reduced risk pest management strategy

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